Don’t Piss Off Drake or He’ll Kick You Off His Tour

Future is opening for Drake's tour. Or, he was opening for Drake's tour—a massive, 39-city tour that would have netted him $1.5 million in guaranteed money—before Drake read a sub-tweet about Future's quote. Now, Drake has replaced the rapper with frequent collaborator Jhene Aiko, even though Future attempted to backtrack on Twitter.


Ah, the old “I WAS MISQUOTED” trick. 

It's fun to rip on Drake for his sensitivity, but he's pretty much right here. Future wouldn't be banking $40,000 a show without him, and why put money in his pocket? It's completely within his right to fire Future. “He told his agent either Future gets fired, or he’ll fire him,” a source told the New York Post. Now they're embroiled in a lawsuit.

Maybe Drake shouldn't have trusted a new friend, AMMIRITE?

[H/T: New York Post]