Eagles Of Death Metal Speak Out For The First Time Since The Paris Attacks And It Will Break Your Heart

It’s hard to comprehend the horror inside Paris’s Bataclan Theater last week during the terrorist attack that claimed over 80 innocent lives at an Eagles Of Death Metal concert alone. Videos inside the nightclub have gone viral, the powerful image of the the shield French Police used has been made public, and emotional outpourings from victims and their families have all made the rounds as the world continues to grieve the loss of so many innocent lives.

Earlier this week the band on the stage at the Bataclan, The Eagles Of Death Metal, released an emotional statement about the attack, along with an outpouring of grief towards the victims. VICE’s Shane Smith sat down with the band for their first interview since getting back from Paris. The full interview will be made public next week, but the preview that was just released shows just how traumatized the band is from the terrorist attack.

“A great reason why so many were killed is because… so many wouldn’t leave their friend,” the band tells VICE.

It will break your heart, then piss you off that such evil exists in the world. All those innocent people, just out for a night of music and dancing and fun with a band they love.

We’ll post the full video when it’s released next week.

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