GRAPHIC: Video Shows Paris Attack Victims Desperately Fleeing From The Bataclan Theater


We can’t possibly fathom the amount of bloodshed, fear and ghastly nightmares that the innocent people who were at the Eagles of Metal concert at the Bataclan Theater had to suffer through when ISIS terrorists cowardly attacked them in Paris on Friday. You can get an idea for the unimaginable amount of panic and horror by the petrified concertgoers attempting to flee the music venue in this graphic and unnerving video.

In a video taken by Daniel Psenny, a journalist for the French newspaper Le Monde, from his apartment window you can hear gunshots erupting from the concert hall as people are screaming. You can get the feel of just how much evil was in that building by the frantic and desperate escape by some of the 1,500 concertgoers. There are two people clinging to the ledge of a second-story window as victims poured out of the emergency exits. Several of the concertgoers can be seen stumbling because of injuries, and some can’t even walk on their own and have to be dragged out of the venue leaving a trail of blood.

After filming the dreadful scene for a few minutes, Psenny went downstairs to help someone who had collapsed in the alley. Then he too was shot in his left arm.

Psenny recalled the harrowing ordeal where he put his life on the line to save others:

“I opened the door of the building. There was a man lying on the sidewalk. With another man we tried to drag him to safety in the lobby. At that moment, I was hit by a bullet. I do not know [what happened], my mind is a blank. But I remember it felt like a firecracker exploding in my left arm, and I saw that it was spurting blood. I think the shooter was at the Bataclan window. The man we saved was shot in the leg. He was an American. He vomited, he was cold, we thought that he would die. We called the emergency services, but they could not evacuate us. I called a doctor friend who told me how to make me a tourniquet with my shirt. And we stayed there until the assault was over.”

The grisly attacks by ISIS extremists left at least 89 people dead in the Bataclan Theater.

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