Doctor’s Rap About Elderly People Having Sex Set ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Is Hilariously Graphic

Old people having sex is something I try my hardest to never think about. The Catch 22 of sharing this STD prevention rap video with you bros is I’m forced to sit here and think about old people going to town on each other, and it’s grossing me the hell out.

Now, I wish I could praise Dr. Shannon Dowler for her ‘STD’s Never Get Old’ rap about STD prevention in the elderly, but I can’t. It’s a great idea, putting something that’s taboo with old people into a format that’s more approachable, but she’s forgetting one crucial element: old people cannot hear for shit.

During my grandparent’s final days I had to practically scream so that they could hear me. Meanwhile, we’ve got Dr. Shannon Dowler rapping at a normal speed set to Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ but at that speed/volume there’s not a shot in hell that an old person can decipher what the hell she’s saying.

According to Mashable, this isn’t the first time Dr. Shannon Dowler has put a rap video on YouTube to talk about STD’s. Back in 2015, she dropped a video targeting millennials and encouraging them to get their junk tested if they’re sexually active:

I’ll give her this, her rap skills have improved in the two years since she released her first rap video. Does she have a future in the Music industry? No, he should probably stick to checking for bumps and warts.

(via Mashable)

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