Eminem and Kendrick Lamar Release New Song ‘Love Game,’ and It’s… Interesting

Something unexpected. Over a relatively unmodified sample of Wayne Fontana's “The Game of Love,” Em and Kendrick deliver an ode to broken hearts and lost relationships. “Judgment is clouded, must just be the powder from the power of love/But I'm in something I don't know how to get out of” begins Em, while Kendrick stumbles with a rare cringe-worthy line (“I want you bad as the head shattered on George Zimmerman”) before recovering with a Mr. T reference that doubles as a vaguely Zen statement (“Pity the fool that pity the fool in me”).

They both fall on old habits. Eminem rhymes a couplet as a girl blowing him, sounding perhaps more immature than even his lowest moments on Relapse; Kendrick, more positively, brings back G.O.O.D. Kid's love interest, Sherane. But take a listen. Few haven't had a strong opinion after hearing it.