Nick Cannon Challenged Eminem To A High Stakes Rap Battle Of Epic Proportions

Bros, I want to kick this off by stating that I truly respect the work ethic of Nick Cannon. He’s been making bank since before I even went to college, and he’s spent his entire adult life in the limelight getting paid. With that in mind I’d just like you to know that I can’t fucking stand Nick Cannon, that I find him to be one of the most obnoxious celebrities in America, and I’d actually kick in $100 out of my own pocket just to see the Rap God himself, Eminem, wipe the floor with this hack.

For years now Nick Cannon’s been obsessed with squaring off against Shady in a rap battle. In interviews he’s constantly talking about his desire to face Eminem, a rapper who is quite literally a living legend, and recently he went so far as to issue Marshall a $100,000 challenge.

This was back in January:

This was after the BET Awards in May:

Jump forward to present day and Nick Cannon just did a radio interview with UK DJ Tim Westwood where he reaffirmed his challenge, a $100,000 wager that he could beat Eminem in a rap battle. Here’s that interview.

This 7-year one-sided feud goes all the way back to 2009 when Eminem dropped a track completely eviscerating Nick Cannon’s then wife Mariah Carey:

For context, here’s Nick Cannon rapping:

What I don’t fully understand is how Nick Cannon fails to grasp that he stands to both gain and lose the world if this rap battle every went through. First off, Eminem operates on a completely different level than Nick Cannon. As cocky as he is Nick cannot believe for one second that he’s actually Eminem’s equal, so methinks it’s much more likely that Nick Cannon just wants to get Shady in a room to confront him about the beef and bring in huge ratings at a time when his celebrity status continues to slip away (America’s Got Talent ratings are tanking).

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On the flip side of this we’ve got Eminem who is ungodly wealthy and pisses $100k as he walks down the street. That sum of money is laughably small to Shady and it’s most certainly not enough to get Eminem off the couch. I think it’d take some massive sum of money going to a charity of Eminem’s choice for this to happen, more money than Nick Cannon has in the bank account, and I think that we’ll never see this rap battle actually take place….Still though, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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(h/t The Huffington Post)