Every Major Life Event In Your 20s Explained By Pop-Punk Songs



Event: House Parties

Blink-182 – The Party Song

Key Lyrics: “Someone in the background was doing a keg stand”

House parties are where some of your greatest memories will take place, because there is essentially no one liable for anything that happens at a house party. You’ll be able to recall stories like, “Someone in the background was doing a keg stand” as Seth attempted to snowboard down the roof onto the picnic table. House parties are a blast and take place primarily in your early 20s, but eventually you’ll run out of ambition. Later in your 20s you’ll often feel like, “I wish I would have stayed in my bed back at home watching TV alone.”

Event: Discovering the magnificence of coffee

All Time Low – Coffee Shop Soundtrack

Key Lyrics: “Make all of my decisions for me.”

Now your first experience drinking coffee will be at best a neutral experience. It doesn’t taste great and if you drink too much the first time you might feel like, “this wasted time on you has left me shaking in waiting.” As you progress through your 20s, you’ll become more and more tired as you’re forced to wake up earlier and earlier until you finally decide to try coffee again, “when it all comes down to a sunrise on the east side.” Suddenly, you’ll find yourself craving this liquid black cocaine more and more. Before long, you’ll be relying on coffee to “make all of my decisions for me” because you soon won’t be able to function without it.

Event: Being unemployed

The Offspring – Why Don’t You Get A Job?

Key Lyrics: “Why don’t you get a job?”

Unless you are extremely fortunate, you will most likely go through a period of time in your 20s where you just can’t land a job. Friends and relatives will poke fun saying, “Well I guess it ain’t easy doing nothing at all?” While it may appear to other people that you’re living the good life and simply watching Netflix all day, the reality is that most people would kill for a job offer that pays rent. So while you send out countless cover letters and resumes people around you will just be muttering, “Why don’t you get a job?”

Event: Paying back your student loans

Sum 41 – In Too Deep

Key Lyrics: “Cause I’m in too deep”

Whether you went to school for one semester or 41 semesters, chances are you’re going to have to pay off some debt.  You’ll be feeling, “I’m in too deep, and I’m trying to keep, up above in my head instead of going under.” With the economy still in a slump, you’ll be constantly trying to keep your head above water. Eventually, you’ll realize that your debt is not going to magically disappear and that, “you can’t hide it you might as well embrace it.”

Event: Your first time getting a career-oriented paycheck

Paramore – Hallelujah

Key Lyrics: “Screaming hallelujah”


This is the first paycheck you get at a job where they provide you with benefits, or the first smaller but rewarding paycheck that you receive for doing something you eventually want to have a career in. You’ll suddenly feel that, “somehow everything’s gonna fall, right into place.” Getting that first payment for doing something that you feel like you were meant to do will leave you, “screaming hallelujah!”

Event: Weddings

Panic! At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Key Lyrics: “So pour the champagne, pour the champagne.”

Your 20s is the wedding season of life. You’ll be a guest, a part of the wedding party, and possibly saying “I do” yourself multiple times in your 20s. While this Panic! At The Disco song hints towards infidelity, I decided to take the more positive points that you should be highlighting during the many weddings you’ll be attending in your 20s.  Hopefully you’ll often overhear a bridesmaid talking to a waiter saying things like, “What a beautiful wedding.” Weddings are also a place where you’ll discover the difference between a good toast and a burnt toast, and I’m not talking about gluten. Luckily, both are wildly entertaining, “So pour the champagne, pour the champagne.”

Event: Leaving your hometown

Bowling For Soup – My Hometown

Key Lyrics: “I hope that you got the fuck out of our hometown”

While you hopefully have many fond memories of your hometown, there will be a point in your 20s where you just need to get out of there and quite frankly experience some new shit. It might not be a permanent move, but everyone should try to at least travel to a few places outside of their hometown. This especially rings true if you’re from a small town where nothing has changed except the gas prices everyone still talks about. The chorus in Bowling for Soup’s “My Hometown” sums up the hometown experience quite nicely for a lot of people when they say, “I hope this song finds you well, and I hope that you’re doing fuckin’ swell. I hope that you’re back up if you’ve ever been down. And I hope that you got the fuck out of our hometown.”

Event: Getting through your 20s

Motion City Soundtrack – Everything Is Alright

Key Lyrics: “Everything is alright.”

While your 20s certainly leads you through a lot of trebles and bass, for the most part you just have to remember, “That everything’s fine.” So just, “Tell me that you’re alright. Yeah everything is alright.”

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