Make Your Very Own Guitar Flamethrower Just Like The One In ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ And Become A Rock God

Bros, you’re just one DIY project (and thousands of hours of guitar lessons) away from walking the halls of Valhalla as a Rock and Roll God. My favorite mad scientist on YouTube, Colin Furze, put together this quick tutorial on how to build your very own guitar flamethrower just like the one they had in Mad Max: Fury Road, the prop that basically stole the entire movie’s limelight because it was so badass. Even if you don’t play guitar I implore you to give this DIY project a shot, because there are few things in the world more badass then a guitar flamethrower…right? So this is the tutorial of how to make it and the second video below is the guitar flamethrower in action, because what point is having such a badass guitar if you’re not going to use it?

Here it is in action:

Now I wouldn’t be doing my job right if I didn’t show you bros at least some of that action in animated GIF form, right?

I’ve always believed that every situation is best navigated with the attitude of ‘act like you’ve been there before’, so even if you have zero intentions of developing your guitar skills you can at least look the part of a Rock God by building the flamethrower guitar from Mad Max. At the very least you’ll come out of this project with a guitar flamethrower, which is probably one of the coolest devices on the planet, so there’s really no losing here.

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I’ll tell you one thing, I’d most certainly have one of these guitar flamethrowers than get pranked by my bro with a flamethrower like this:

(via Colin Furze YouTube)