Frank Ocean Says He Was a Coke and Crack Dealer in High School

From Frank Ocean's new interview in Oyster Magazine:

What were you like in school?
I was a thug. I sold a lot of cocaine and crack.

You sold cocaine and crack?
All the time.


I was not as cool as you.
You weren’t as cool as me?

I was reading Harry Potter.
Harry Potter is good.

Wait — so you were reading Harry Potter and selling crack?


Normally when a musician spends any amount of time as a drug dealer, he mines that material for all its worth, or just makes up the details (see: Young Jeezy and Rick Ross, respectively). Frank hasn't really touched his cocaine-dealing past until now, which is, undoubtedly, surprising.

In which case, Chris Brown? You're lucky to be alive, dude. Mr. Ocean might just be an undercover badass.