This Dude’s Mesmerizing Freestyle On The Recorder Will Blow Your Hot Cross Buns Right Out Of Your Rear End

by 3 years ago

He’s freestyling, he’s beatboxing, he’s making that recorder his beotch. After watching all 56 seconds of Medhat Mamdouh showcase his recorder skills I’m convinced there’s not a thing in the world that can’t be accomplished using a recorder. If there were to ever be an official ‘world anthem’ it should be ‘Hot Cross Buns’ played on the recorder, but it should be played with dudes like Medhat beatboxing and freestlying on top of a crowd of worldly youths on on the recorder.

Why do I love this video so much? Probably because if you asked me last night before I passed out if I’d be posting a video of some dude playing a recorder today I’d have told you that you were a complete buffoon for even thinking that. That in the entire spectrum of things I’d be blogging about in the morning ‘freestyling on the recorder’ was nestled somewhere between ‘dog dies’ and ‘ISIS Spring Break 2016 — Beirut (Hype Video)’. But here I am, blogging about some dude breaking it down on the recorder like it’s 1995. And that’s one of the beautiful things about blogging, you never know what sort of content you’ll be talking about 12 hours from now. Just 15 hours ago I was making fun of this new ‘E-Cig Meme’, and now I’m back here blogging about recorders. We live in a beautiful world.


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