This Heavy Metal Cover of ‘You’re The One That I Want’ From ‘Grease’ Is Inexplicably Incredible

There are only two times during which a song from ‘Grease’ is appropriate to play: late night at an 80’s night bar, and in a heavy metal cover. I have to admit when I first saw ‘heavy metal tribute to Grease’ from the band ‘Tragedy’ I was extremely skeptical, but that skepticism was all for naught as this this is possibly the most badass cover I’ve heard in 2015.

Last week I brought you this 15-year-old girl playing ‘Through The Fire and Flames‘ by Dragon Force, and she nailed it. To see someone so young shred a song as difficult as that is unprecedented. But that was missing something. And afters seeing these guys take ‘You’re The One That I Want’ and making it into something unimaginable, I realized that while a soloist is cool but in heavy metal you need the band. It’s all about the band. And this band is everything.