15-Year-Old Girl Makes ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ By Dragon Force Her Bitch, Shreds So Hard It Hurts

Some people are blessed with all the talent, others of us…not so much. Watch as this 15-year-old girl shreds her way through Dragon Force’s ‘Through The Fire And Flames’, a song most of you will remember from Guitar Hero as being the most difficult song in the game.

As it turns out the song’s not only a massive bitch to play on Guitar Hero, it’s also ridiculously difficult and intricate to play on an actual guitar (whoda thunk it?). The fact that this teenager is able to shred her way through one of the most difficult songs out there is a stark reminder at just how unbelievably average of a human being I am. There’s not a single thing in my life that I possess skill on par with this girl’s ability to strum a guitar…and I’m twice her age.

Hopefully she sticks at the guitar throughout life because if she’s wailing that hard at age fifteen I cannot even begin to imagine where she’ll be in fifteen more years…