A Holographic Michael Jackson Will Perform at Tonight’s Billboard Music Awards

Be sure to tune into the Billboard Music Awards tonight if you are a fan of Michael Jackson, iconic music performances or the slow drumbeat of technological advancements that will eventually spell our own doom.

Why? Because a holographic Michael Jackson will perform at the event. The holograph is scheduled to sing a new track off of his posthumous album Xscape, Slave to the Rhythm, which surely isn’t a blatant attempt to boost sales.

No, it’s to pay homage to the King of Pop the only way the good people of 2014 know how: by not letting the dead rest in peace.

Here’s the jam he’s scheduled to sing (I don’t think holograms can improvise but I’m not 100% certain about that).

The awards start tonight at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

[H/T UPROXX; Screenshot via YouTube]