‘I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas’ Is The Perfect Holiday Song For Every Weed-Lover

We’ve seen some off-the-wall Christmas carols over the years, but “I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas” by Dent May somehow seems to be quite appropriate for the 2014 holiday season.

With lyrics like, “We roll up your cousin’s stash / And go wild at the party / Yeah we’re having a blast / So fill my cup to the top / Light me up ’til I’m hot” it’s the only Christmas song you need while you smoke a bowl, deck the halls and all that shit.

Just don’t do any gift-buying online as you partake, because according to May, “I don’t recommend doing your shopping while high. I’ve picked up some pretty wacky items while late night eBaying over the years.”

Here’s the full song…

H/T HuffPo; Marijuana image by Shutterstock