Kanye West Has Officially Apologized To Beck On Twitter, So You Can Stop Hating Him Now (Except You Won’t)

It’s over. Kanye West has officially backed down from his post-Grammys beef war with Twitter. He has pubically apologized to Beck. You can stop hating him now.

Will you stop hating him, though?



Yep. That’s what I thought. No one is forgiving Kanye for being a jackass any time soon now that he put on his big boy pants and said “I’m Sorry” over his childish outburst. It’s like that time he exploded on Jimmy Kimmel, but then parlayed it into one of the best celebrity interviews in years.

Kanye’s life is goddamn reality show. And I don’t think he’d have it any other way since he likes the attention so damn much. It’s a damn shame he can’t just keep churning out beloved albums like Graduation, ignore the bullshit, and be done with it.