Kanye West Dancing To The ‘Rugrats’ Theme Song Is Causing Millennial Nerdgasms Worldwide

It’s not every day that you get to see a man who takes himself more seriously than the pope get remixed with the ‘Rugrats’ theme song, but here we are.

In this video some internet wizard has combined two of the greatest things on the planet: nostalgia and dissing Kanye West. They’ve taken Kanye’s bizarre dancing and put the ‘Rugrats’ theme song over top, effectively creating the best video of 2015, and unleashing worldwide nerdgasms:


That video above is a remix of these incredible Kanye West dancing fails that surfaced yesterday, and with the ‘Rugrats’ song is just fits PERFECTLY.

I’ve never made any attempts to hide my opinion that Kanye West is a complete asshat, that he’s the most self-indulged human being on the planet, that he’s not some ‘messiah’ quality artist but in fact he’s only one misstep away from being the laughing stock of the entire globe.

He’s seen a ridiculously admirable amount of success in his career, and he certainly deserves praise for that. But he’s also a conceited asshole who deserves to be poked fun at, and that video of him being remixed dancing to the ‘Rugrat’s theme song is perfect in every way. Even the most successful people in the world need to be maintain some semblance of humility, and Kanye West just doesn’t have that.