Kanye West Proves Even Rappers Can Be Bad Dancers


It’s Yeezy Season, guys. A) I have not a clue what that means, I just like saying it every time Kanye does just about anything. B) Whatever it is, this shit has been a fantastic experience.

Kanye has had a pretty big week, even for his standards. First, he released the “All Day” CDQ (which deserved, at the very least, an Barack Obama announcement/press conference), then his wife joined the Death Eaters to declare her allegiance to the Dark Lord, and now the dude is just dancing his heart away on stage at Bernard Arnault‘s Fondation Louis Vuitton pop-up show. And by “dancing”, I think he has a pebble in his shoe and/or he was about halfway through finishing the Darren’s Dance Grooves YouTube tutorial, but his WiFi was having issues.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Kanye weird-danced his way back into our hearts:

Like any reasonable black man born between 1975-1991, ‘Ye clung to “The Carlton” for support and guidance in those desperate situations where you have to dance, but you’re simply not drunk enough yet:

He really might be the GOAT at dancing like bullets are coming from all angles. Obviously Kanye is just more prepared than the rest of us. When you’re the best rapper/producer/human/deity in the Milky Way Galaxy, you have to be concerned about random gunfire:

These next two examples of #KanyeDancing pinpoint the moments right before he went from “chip on his shoulder black guy” to “affluent black guy that eventually turned into a dick.” You can spot it in the severe lack of rhythm and overall disconnect from society in the previous gifs:

I guess we have to take into account that he’s a father and acknowledge that all dads are swaggerless subhuman heaps. We also have to assume he is RIPPED off an unseen bottle of Hennessey because dude was looking like a glitchy GTA V character on that stage.

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Rappers. They’re just like us!