Kanye West Literally Set The Stage On Fire With His Performance Of ‘All Day’ At The BRIT Awards

I can’t in good conscience recommend you listen to “All Day” by Kanye West without two fire extinguishers, a new sets of ears (for when your current ears burn off/explode), and a written will and testament.

Kanye antics aside, this shit is fire in a “this would be a great song to purge to if The Purge was real” sort of way. Compliments don’t get higher level than that.

A few additional “All Day” notes:


Lionel Richie had the most existential orgasm ever and Taylor Swift continued to dance like a used-car dealership balloon man.

Kanye has dudes on his payroll that specifically shoot flamethrowers in the background of his performances. Do you find that job on Monster.com or Craigslist? I’ve been looking for hours.

Yeezy Season is upon us.

[Kanye West All Day by VidMe]