Holy Hell! Kim Kardashian Has Bright Shiny PLATINUM BLONDE Hair Now

kim kardashian blonde hair pics

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Kim Kardashian is a blonde? Does that mean she has more fun now?

Kim Kardashian showed up in Paris on Wednesday for Fashion Week sporting a hat covering all of her hair. Why? Not because it was cold outside, but because, unbeknownst to anyone, she had dyed her black hair COMPLETELY blonde for some reason, which she revealed in full today.

Why she chose to do this is at this point a mystery. Maybe it was to distract us from her super hairy forehead.

Oh, I know why she did it. She’s probably just trying to break the Internet again. That or because, as she once said, “Kanye likes the blonde.”

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How we will ever be able to know which one is her now in her multimillion dollar video game app?