Kanye West’s 6th Studio Album ‘Yeezus’ Leaked And Everyone’s Got An Opinion

Industrial, gritty, raw and dark are first adjectives that came to mind at the conclusion of my first listen through Kanye West's 6th studio album 'Yeezus'.  The project leaked this morning (uncharacteristically for Kanye) and has been the subject of today's internet firestorm filled with reactions from everyone and their mother. Whether it's some of my DJ friends exclaiming “I'm sorry but Yeezy just shat on everyone again…this is incredible.” or a hip-hop head saying “…There's virtually no redeeming factors about it; don't know how this even passes for an album. 40 minutes of my life I'll never get back, I'll stick with my copy of The College Dropout.” after saying it multiplies the mistakes of prior albums by 100.

No matter your opinion, there is no questioning that anything Kanye West does will make waves.  He is a master of making his culture popular culture and following the trends in music after this release will turn up some interesting results. Unlike the (unsurprising) flash of nu-disco tracks to come out since the release of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, this album is so wildly off the beaten path with respect to one particular genre that immitators will be found out immediately.  The fact that this album forgoes the token “radio single” entirely will yield some interesting reprecussions for radio stations.. there's gonna be some definitively different sounds on the radio in the coming months.  For those that are just looking for some old school Kanye jams, direct your attention to the latter half of the record.

Take it upon yourselves to find the leak if you truly want…a little birdy told me that music blog we work with occasionally (rhymes with Flat Blue Man) has a stream of the album up if you can't wait.  Regardless, make sure you SUPPORT THE MUSIC and buy the album when it hits iTunes and record stores 6/18.

Discuss With Us!: Do you guys think this is a positive step in the artistic growth of Kanye West? Do you think he tried to simply make a racket and make something “different”?  No matter your opinion we wanna hear you guys sound off below!