Kendra Wilkinson’s New Music Video, Yes, Music Video, Is About The Worst, Most WTF Thing Ever

kendra wilkinson lost in space video

YouTube - Kendra Wilkinson

Apparently in between taking shots at her former Girls Next Door pal Holly Madison and looking sexy at random events Kendra Wilkinson fancies herself as some sort of singer.

I say “some sort of singer” because this new single and video she just released might be worse than anything Paris Hilton has ever released. Yes, it’s really that awful.

First off, other than the music video being set in the old TV show Lost in Space, I have no idea why the song is called “Lost in Space.” There literally are no mentions of “Lost in Space” in the actual lyrics.

There are lyrics such as “Can’t keep me on a leash, I’m on a cloud. Don’t have a f–king filter, and I’m allowed,” and “Call me a flirt, just watch me work,” but no, no mention of Lost or Space.

She does do this…

And this…

And this…

And looks like this at one point…

kendra wilkinson lost in space video

YouTube - Kendra Wilkinson

But other than that it’s just painfully bad.

Here’s how Kendra described her vocal stylings to Us Weekly

“Like, I’m not really a singer, so I can’t make up with my voice. I’m kind of a rapper, so what do I do?” the Girls Next Door alum says. “I’m creating my own genre. It’s like pop mixed with rap, mixed with a little bit of EDM. So it’s kind of like in that mix.”

She’s certainly got the whole “not really a singer” part correct.

Get ready for your ears to bleed…

GIFs via io9 and E! News

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