Why Kendrick Lamar Is The Ultimate Bro When It Comes To Not Forgetting Your Roots


Man, how can you not like Kendrick Lamar? After an explosive 2015, he’s on pace to pull the sweep of the century at the Grammys, earning an incredible 11 nominations.

But you know why K-Dot is the man? Because he’s humble. Back in January he dropped a video about his hometown of Compton, with various people in the community dropping bars from his record “Alright.” The dudes knows how to stay true to his roots, even as best living rapper in the world:

We made a little guide of all the dope things Kendrick has done for his community. It’s a dope reminder that you’re not *REALLY* successful in life until you can give back to the community that incubated that success.

And while we’re on the subject of K-Dot, check out this trailer for the first episode of the Noisey show on Viceland. It features Kendrick Lamar talking about the harsh realities of gang life in his home turf of Compton.

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