What Do Paris Hilton, Facebook, Donald Trump, Strippers, Steak, Dolphins And War Have In Common? Kenny Chesney, Obvi




Kenny Chesney’s new single ‘Noise,’ off his upcoming album Some Town Somewhere, is all about the clammer and clutter of modern day life. And his just released video for it exemplifies all the … hmmm … what’s a good word for this …. noise? that we hear every day.

You know, the constant buzz of emails and our need for connection and how we text emojis on our Samsungs about tweets. Kardashian. Kardashian. It’s all just noise, and it’s leading to the downfall of society. Unless, that is, a man saves us.

A man who sees sunsets and hears whales and grows crops. Cowboy hats. Not new hats. Old hats. Hats from back in the day that people who didn’t have phones would have worn. Good hats. Real hats. Hats that block the sun because you are outside.

What better man to lead a back to our roots revolution, to develop a new, agrarian, Snapchat-free life than Kenny Chesney?

The Chez shall lead us. We will pour water on our smartphones and shut off our televisions and drink beers in Mexico. Like God intended.

Chesney, man. He gets it. He gets it.

Cowboy hats.

Oh. Where’s the video you may be wondering. Well. Retroist Kenny Chesney does not believe in cross-platforms. Kenny Chensey doesn’t not believe in embeds. You can watch it here.

[Via Esquire]