Rapper Mac Lethal Shows Off 27 Different Styles Of Rap In One Song

Mac Lethal is one of YouTube’s favorite rappers. His style of rap translates perfectly to the Internet much in the same way as Lil Dicky. He’s quick on the fly and can pretty much rap about anything at any time. Mac Lethal‘s got a penchant for dropping funny lyrics off the cuff, and that skill was on display in his latest video.

The video opens up with ‘I drank too much at dinner and made this last night’. You’d think that it would’ve been sloppy if he’d actually drank too much, but sloppy it was not. Mac Lethal went on to showcase 27 distinct styles of rap in one video. Here’s a list of all the rap styles Mac Lethal showcased in his latest video:

1. Old-School Rap
2. Boom Rap
3. G-Funk
4. Hyphy Movement
5. Crunk
6. Bay Area / Mobb Music
7. Old Kanye
8. New Kanye
9. Jay-Z
10. Neptunes
11. Eminem (on drugs)
12. Rap Rock
13. U.K. Grime
14. Mumble Rap
15. Miami Trap
16. Reggae
17. NYC Jazz Rap
18. West Coast Underground
19. Horrorcore / Juggalo
20. Houston Slab Music
21. Club
22. Drake
23. Raggaeton
24. Wu-Tang
25. Chopped & Screwed
26. Memphis Rap
27. Midwest Chopper

Well, that was thoroughly impressive but I’m sure there’s a handful of you bros out there who are miffed that he didn’t include some random ass style you wanted to here. If so, which was it? You can drop it down below in the comments in hopes that Mac Lethal reads this (he might, you never know) and maybe he’ll include it in his next YouTube video.

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