Here’s The First Trailer For Mike Stud’s New TV Show About His Journey From College Baseball Star To Bro Rap Icon

It’s pretty incredible how far Mike Stud has come since we first started covering him here on BroBible. When he dropped “College Humor” back in 2010 on the heels of the Tommy John surgery that ended his collegiate baseball career, we never thought he’d blow up into the massive star selling out venues around the country. It’s been nothing short of a thrill to watch him climb to the top of his game in the music industry.

Stud is the subject of an eight-episode docu-series premiering Tuesday, June 21 at 10 PM ET/PT on Esquire Network. Appropriately called This Is Mike Stud, the show displays Stud’s life as criss-crosses the country on his Back2You tour.

The folks at Esquire Network just passed over the first look at the show. Predictably, it’s as Bro as it gets. Dude is literally living the Bro dream, down to the fact that his girlfriend is Jose Canseco’s hot daughter Josie.

If you haven’t gotten lit AF at a Mike Stud show in your college experience, have you even lived? The answer is hell no.