NEW MUSIC: Carter Reeves ‘Fresh Fruit’ Is The Much Needed Feel Good Tune For Your Winter Blues



I try my darnedest to be a “glass half full” kind of guy, but my mindset proves no match for February–the undisputed shittiest month of the year. February is the yellow Starburst of the calendar year. No, worse. Black liquorish. It’s dark, bleak, and frigid, with the added bonus of getting in an inevitable fight with your girlfriend mid-month because your Valentine’s plan didn’t meat her grandiose standards. Babe, I know you love them, but unicorns do not exist.

Regardless, February makes it easy to fall into a bottomless seasonal depression and trudge through our daily routines with Kansas’ ‘Dust in the Wind’ playing softly in our headphones. We must resist this. For starters,  I have a tune that will give you flashbacks to the days when it didn’t get dark right after lunch and after work happy hours were a weekly occurrence.

The song is called Fresh Fruit from 23-year-old Carter Reeves, and it’s a banger. Never underestimate the power of a feel good tune, it’s like a hefty dose of Vitamin D for the soul.

Reeves has spent the past six years touring as one-half of the alternative hip-hop duo Aer, and is now taking his crack as a solo artist. If Fresh Fruit is any indication, this dude could blow up after his EP comes out this Spring.

Give Carter a listen on Spotify and follow his on Twitter!

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