One Man Will Torture Himself By Listening To An Unthinkable Amount Of Nickelback In The Name Of Charity



In the name of charity, one brave soul is going to attempt to listen to ‘Nickelback‘ for seven days straight. That’s 168 contiguous hours of the worst music known to man, all in the name of charity. Thus far, the goal of $10,000 has already been more than doubled and currently stands at $22,576.

The ‘Nickelback Challenge’ is a campaign to raise money (and awareness) for a clean water foundation, and has already made headlines across the world…and why wouldn’t it? ‘Nickelback’ is unanimously regarded as the WORST BAND in history, pumping out the shittiest music mankind has ever been subjected to. Not too long ago we reported on a crowd-funding campaign set up to ban ‘Nickelback’ from the city of London, and now we’re back with another crowd-funding opportunity, albeit one with a much greater underlying cause.

From the Charity: Water’s ‘Nickelback Challenge’ campaign page:

About the Challenge:

For one week (Feb. 16-22), I’m going to listen to nothing but the entire Nickelback catalogue on a loop in an effort to raise $10,000* to build a well.

Please considering giving and making this dream a reality**.

Obviously, as soon as the international press got wind of this unbelievable display of fortitude, they took notice. If there was ever a human interest story that could unite media outlets from all sides of idealogical spectrum, IT IS THIS. Thanks, international media, for spreading the word!

The white-hot passion for this endeavor continues to rage like an unstoppable fire. With three days until the beginning of the Nickelback Challenge, we have already surpassed the $10,000 mark. I’m blown away by everyone’s generosity! Because of these donations, the project will fully fund a well.

HOWEVER, it is critical that donations continue to pour in for the work of charity:water to raise my spirits as I explore the limits of mental fragility by subjecting my mind and soul to a weeklong Nickelback onslaught.


It appears I’ve grossly misjudged people’s enthusiasm to see what 168 consecutive hours of Nickelback will do to a human being. In just two days, we’ve almost hit our initial goal of $5,000. That is totally insane and totally awesome! Everyone who has donated is my personal hero.

I’ve also got some new details, and found out to fully a fund a single well, we should aim for raising $10K. Either way, the campaign has already been a huge success thanks to everyone’s generosity! No matter how much we raise, 100% of funds will go to clean water projects in the field, and we will all receive GPS coordinates, photos and information about the communities impacted.

In the FAQ’s they ask ‘Why Nickelback?’ which might be the world’s most obvious question. Just look at this fucking garbage the band pumps out:

More on the project (via Pixable):

Carey is raising money for Charity: Water which builds wells in developing countries. His original goal was set at $10,000, but he’s almost doubled that, raising over $18,000 for the organization.

According to Carey, he’s consulted doctors on the potential damage he could face after completing this challenge. “They have all said that such an endeavor could result in irreversible damage to my ears, brain, kidneys and soul,” he says. But the charity is worth it to him. “I’m willing to put my personal health at risk for the challenge. Obviously, exposure to such a large quantity of Nickelback is very dangerous.”

I’d cut my ears off and tear my my ear canals out of my brain after 24-hours. This man is obviously a much stronger human being than myself. If you’re interested in supporting this cause to raise awareness for clean water by subjecting a man to cruel and unusual punishment, you can check out the crowdfunding page here.

[via Pixable and CharityWater]