Noel Gallagher Burns Heckler Who Asks Him ‘Where’s Liam?’ At A Concert In Philadelphia

Hot Tip: Don’t ask Noel Gallagher where his brother Liam is when you’re at a Noel Gallagher show. He likes recieving that question almost as much as he likes his own brother, which is NOT AT ALL.

One heckler recently learned that the hard way when he shouted out “Where’s Liam?’ from the crowd at show in Philly. This is how Gallagher responded to the question:

“Liam’s at the mixing desk everybody, he’s come to see us tonight. No…Liam’s at home looking at himself at the mirror. (Pause.) Unfortunately, he’s still not a big a cock as you are. Imagine that. Imagine that. Being a bigger cock than him. It blows my fucking mind.”

Act like a cock at a Noel Gallagher show and you’ll get beaten like one.