The Number One Songs Of The Past 15 Summers Ranked From ‘Nailed It’ To ‘What Were We Thinking?’

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Every summer has that one song that rises above the rest to become the infamous summer song, aka the “Song Of The Summer.” This is the song that is everywhere – the clubs, cars, the beach, parties – anywhere there are people there is the summer song, creating the backdrop to a million scandalous memories.

On the flipside, most summer songs are awful. Let’s not pretend. They are horrible earworms that wriggle their way inside, following you everywhere – the clubs, your car, the beach, parties – anywhere you are, that little bastard is in your brain, gnawing away until you are as brain-damaged as everyone else who turned it into the #1 hit song of the summer.

Now what I’m here to do is simple: I’m going to take the #1 summer song from each of the last 15 summers according to and I’m going to rank them. Why? Because I believe that it’s time we all understand that the human race is doomed.

15. “Confessions Part II” – Usher, 2004

This came right in the midst of that weird era when every other song out there was just an overly-wrought confessional, and, well, Usher just cut right to it with “Confessions.” Part II, for some inane reason, became the #1 song of the summer of 2004 even though it is hilariously awful. It is almost a parody, just four minutes of Usher panicking because he knocked some broad up, going through all the “Holy shits!” and “What ifs” before getting down on his knees and begging his lady for forgiveness because, well, it wasn’t her, it was some other jumpoff. Oops!

Anyway, the song is wretched and dumb, musically boring and lyrically absurd. And according to my oh-so professional research, no child was ever born, which makes this either especially dumb or really, really dark.

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