The Potential (Ok, Unlikely) Drake/Eminem Beef Sparked Some Grade-A Top Quality Twitter Reactions

It’s August. The dog days of summer. The internet is slower than a Chris Christie 40-yard dash. In these trying times, us internet workers can fall guilty to reaching for a story all in the name of #content. And this Eminem/Drake potential “beef” is the poster child for grasping at straws.

The context behind it is equal parts convoluted and boring. In short, rapper Joe Budden, who is employed under Eminem’s Shady Records, has been quite vocal about his opinion on Drake’s fourth studio album ‘Views.’

But don’t take it from me.

Anyway, insert a third person that isn’t Eminem: Hot 97 radio host, Ebro. Ebro decided to shake the hornet’s nest yesterday by claiming that Budden’s label head Eminem told him he’s gearing up for Drake diss track of his own.

He then took to Twitter in an attempt to stomp out the rumor by claiming he was joking.

Well, Twitter can be an imaginative place that ignores factual testimony in favor of fire memes. This is evident in the thousands of tweets speculating on the fantastical beef that will likely never come to fruition. The consensus: Eminem wins in a landslide. If nothing else, these are pretty damn funny.

[h/t HipHopDX]

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