Check Out The Premiere Of Ephwurd’s EDC Vegas Show Recap, Complete With Enough Bass To Get Your Day Bumpin’ Right

Not only were EDM DJ duo Ephwurd at EDC Vegas this past June, but the two brought down the house in more ways than one: lasers, fireworks and fireballs shooting off every which way – it would be an understatement (and painfully stereotypical) to say the show was “lit,” but there’s no other way to describe it. Ephwurd’s set was LIT AF fire emoji fire emoji fire emoji, and if you weren’t there then you sorely missed out.

You’re in luck though, as BroBible is premiering their EDC Vegas recap video, complete with enough bass to get your day bumpin’ at the perfect rate of BPM. What more could you ask for? Besides, y’know…seeing them live, or being able to download their entire set via SoundCloud: