Check Out The Premiere Of Reid Stefan’s Track ‘Booty Alert’ And Get Your Loose Tuesday Started Right


Dim Mak

If you were to sit down and rank the days of the week from best to worst, Tuesday would place down in slot #6, just one spot ahead of Monday which will always and forever be the worst day of the week. The only good thing that’s ever happened on a Tuesday was the creation of “Loose Tuesday,” aka where you go out and get Friday Fucked Up but on a Tuesday. Sure you’re completely hungover the next day, but who cares? At least it’s not Tuesday anymore.

So what better way to start getting loose than to jam out to the premiere of Reid Stefan’s newest track “Booty Alert”? Filling the house with a raucous bass and unapologetic sirens that are so upbeat even Eeyore would get up and start dancing, “Booty Alert” will get you pumped for not just tonight, but the coming weekends to boot.

You can order Reid Stefan’s “Booty Alert” from iTunes HERE, and make sure to check out the full track below!


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