Rapper Tries To Rap For 90 Seconds Straight Without Taking A Single Breath, Spits Hot Fire

I’m going to parrot the words of my friend Cass Anderson last week: “Mac Lethal is not your average human being.” The man has been blazing up the Interwebs since dropping one of the my favorite YouTube videos of all time — A freestyle about makin’ pancakes over “Look At Me Now.” And remember Texts From Bennett? One of my all time favorite things to happen on the Internet.

Last week Mac Lethal went for the ultimate tongue twister wrap, spittin’ ridiculous phonetics at quantum speeds. In his next feat of strength, he’s trying to see if he can rap for a solid 90 seconds straight without taking a breath. Spoiler: He makes it to 77 seconds, which is still impressive as shit.

Also, side note because I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic today —

“Lookin’ Bro” is one of the all time great BroBible bangers. Crazy that it came out over eight years ago, right around when I started here with my OG squad at BroBible. We owned that shit.

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