Bro Spits Crazy Hot Rap Using Almost Only Words That Begin With The Letter ‘Z’, Is A Lyrical Genius

Pop quiz: name 20 words beginning with the letter ‘Z’ in under 60 seconds, answers down below in the comments. Obviously, I can’t keep track of you and make sure you only gave yourself 60-seconds to write down 20 words beginning with the letter Z so we’ll have to operate on the Honor System here.

My point is, you (probably) can’t. For most people, naming a shit ton of words in rapid succession all beginning with the letter Z is virtually impossible, but Mac Lethal is not your average human being. This was obviously scripted, or at least most of it was, but that doesn’t make his feat any less impressive. Words beginning with the letter Z can trip up the tongue like no other. This is the very definition of a ‘tongue twister’, yet he’s able to spit hot fire for over a minute.

Anyone familiar with Mac Lethal won’t be surprised by this because they already know how enviably talented this rapper is. Some call him the ‘next Eminem’ but that phrase is thrown around way too often. So instead of calling him Marshall Mathers Jr. I’ll just leave you bros with Mac Lethal’s ‘Alphabet Insanity’, a video with over 12 million view on YouTube:

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