Insanely Talented Dude Plays Every Part Of ‘Tom Sawyer’ By Rush At The Same Time (Guitar, Drums, And Vocals)

Can I play the guitar? Not really, no. I’m only capable of playing one song and I won’t tell you which one it is. Can I sing? Fuck no. I have the worst karaoke voice on the planet. Am I a proficient drummer? Absolutely not. I could score 5 gold stars from time to time while playing Rock Band on the Xbox 360, but I can’t bang the actual drums for shit.

What I’m trying to say here while taking a really long time of getting to my point is this: I am not a musically talented individual, and the bro in the video above has more musical talent in his right foot than I’ve got in my entire body. He’s playing every single major part of Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’ at the same time while I’m sitting here typing out an article and occasionally making typos, then having to go back and fix my mistakes.

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(h/t DIGG via Dominic Fragman YouTube)

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