Bros — Boston’s Boy SAMMY ADAMS IS BACK, Drops New Single ‘Remember’ And Announces A New Album

Remember Sammy Adams a.k.a. Boston’s Boy? The Boston rapper-slash-Trinity soccer-star will always be the heart and soul of BroBible 1.0, exploding on the scene in 2009 and even name-dropping us in his explosive banger “Tab Open.”

We lost track of Boston’s Boy over the last year or so, but we’re stoked to find out that he’s been grinding in the studio for a new album, The Long Way. Sammy’s independent now, but he is just announced that his upcoming album features appearances from B.O.B., Tiesto, Elephante, Kat Nestel and more. In fact, just today he dropped a new track called “Remember” and — DAMN — it’s LIT.

New Sammy, Bros. It’s great to have him back. All feels right in the world. Grab the track on iTunes here. Look for him on the East Coast this December for his Holiday Tour, with support from AJR and Cam Meekins.

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