In Honor Of Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday Jack Daniel’s Is Releasing 100 Barrels Of ‘Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century’


Jack Daniel's

If Ol’ Blue Eyes was still alive he’d be celebrating his 100th birthday this year, and as I’m sure most of you bros already know his liquor of choice was Jack Daniel’s. Therefore, in order to commemorate what would be his 100th birthday Jack Daniel’s is releasing an extremely limited edition spirit. Sticking with the ‘100th Birthday’ theme this collaboration is being labeled as the ‘Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century’.

Jack Daniel’s only distilled 100 barrels of the ‘Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century’, and it will be bottled and sold along with a commemorative gift set along with several previously unreleased Frank Sinatra tracks. This unique (and rare) spirit will be sold nationwide, but as I mentioned before there are only 100 barrels of the ‘Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century’ being released so this one might be pretty hard to get your hands on.


Jack Daniel's

The company announced this unique collaboration in a press release today:

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. (October 1, 2015) – The Jack Daniel Distillery announces today the upcoming nationwide release of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century, the brand’s latest collaboration with the Sinatra Family to celebrate The Chairman of the Board’s Centennial. Hitting shelves October 1, Sinatra Century is the latest ultra-premium whiskey from the Jack Daniel’s family to commemorate Jack and Frank’s special friendship. As a limited edition expression, only 100 barrels of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century are being made available in individually numbered bottles making each as unique as the man to which it’s attributed.

The relationship between Frank Sinatra and Jack Daniel’s is legendary, special and authentic and one that still holds strong to this day. First recommended by friend Jackie Gleason, the Tennessee Whiskey quickly became Sinatra’s signature drink. During performances, he kept a glass of Jack Daniel’s on a nearby stool on stage. It was his drink of choice at bars in his favorite cities, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Chicago, Miami and (of course) New York.

Master Distiller Jeff Arnett created Sinatra Century through the careful selection of specially crafted barrels. Tasting his custom selections with the Sinatra family, he sought a bold, refined flavor is befitting Sinatra’s legacy.

There aren’t many things as American as Frank Sinatra and Jack Daniel’s, so this collaboration certainly has my attention. Usually I just skip over press releases when they pop up in my inbox, but I knew that you bros would be just as enthused by this news as I am. That said, this is NOT going to be a cheap liquor to purchase, partially because it’s exceedingly rare and partially because it comes along with some never-before-released Frank Sinatra tracks:

This one-time, limited release of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century will be available nationwide beginning early October 2015 and will be the only available batch of the liquid. Each exclusive bottle will be enclosed in a luxury gift box inspired by the legendary singer’s signature style. Additionally, the set will also offer a selection of previously unreleased Sinatra tracks, entitled “Sinatra Live at the Sands in 1966,” to accompany the specially designed Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century bottle. The product will be priced approximately $499.99 per 1L.

So if you’re a huge Frank Sinatra AND Jack Daniel’s fan then get ready to break out your wallet, because this is going to cost $$$$$$. In the meantime if you bros are looking to reconnect with the music of Frank Sinatra (or whiskey) I’ve listed a few of the ‘Best Of’ Frank Sinatra collections below that you can scoop up today (as well as a set of whiskey glasses).

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