Smash Mouth Just Dropped An EDM Banger And I’m Officially Naming This The Song Of The Summer

Smash Mouth is back. Yes, THAT Smash Mouth from ‘All Star’, only now they’re dropping EDM bangers instead of late-90s pop songs so they sound a little different from the Smash Mouth of our adolescence. Their brand new track titled ‘Love Is A Soldier’ is part of a collaboration with some producer named Specter, and I think it’s pretty goddamn brilliant of them to pivot after all these years to a more progressive genre of music than what they’ve been strumming away at for decades.

Sure, a lot of the novelty with this song is that it’s Smash Mouth. That said, it’s still a pretty great song, one that I can already envision being played everywhere from the Club to the Beach.

Their songs were PERFECT for late-90s and early 2000s films like the American Pie series and the later copycats, but the times have changed and it’s cool to see that Smash Mouth was willing to break ground on a new chapter in their career. If they keep releasing EDM bangers like this and maybe finagle a song with Afrojack then the next stop is clearly the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland…right? Wouldn’t we all like to see Smash Mouth immortalized in the HoF?

By the way, if you’re just looking for the ‘drop’ you can skip ahead to around 2:00.

(h/t Kylo O.)

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