Snoop Dogg’s 4/20 Is Off To A Terrific Spark From The Looks Of It



So, I know it’s 4/20 and everything, but I’m not entirely sure this isn’t how Snoop Dogg starts every single day. That said, the Doggfather has every stoner essential known to man at his disposal this morning, and that kind of holiday preparation should not go unnoticed.

First, Snoop snapped a pic of his phone background at 4:20am.

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@ervedogg 💫💫🌟✨

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Then he gave us a look at the smoking arsenal he has prepped for the holiday.

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4 20.

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Dude is even out here curating music to optimize your 4/20 experience! Big ups for that one.

Andddd a live look-in at Snoop’s crib right now…

Shortly after he shared everything he had on deck for 4/20 this morning, Snoop definitely got super blazed and proceeded to throw some more pictures up on his Instagram as well. And they were…???

Soubdcloud! Yup, he’s not in the clouds right now.

And I’m officially confused and I swear I’m not even stoned…is that…Tupac and Rihanna?

Lastly, there was this…

Snoop, you high fool!?

Oh, that’s right, I forgot. Always.