Snoop Dogg Is Threatening To Move To Playstation 4 Because Xbox Live Servers Keep Going Down


Snoop Dogg has beef with Xbox Live. It’s a struggle that is all too real for anyone who plays console video games — he just wants to play online against someone, but Microsoft’s servers are down. So last night he put the entire company on blast and threatened to move to Playstation if they don’t get their shit together.

That’s dope, but man — what an asshole thing to say. It has to be amazing to be rich. When a minor inconvenience comes into your life that’s completely out of your control, you just throw money at it and it goes away. Can’t play FIFA for a solid hour one evening when you’re baked out of your skull on kush? “I’m buying a Playstation!” Never mind the fact that buying a console is actually a pretty expensive, mostly unnecessary purchase for most people. Hell, Snoop’s kids probably have a couple PS4s in some boxes in the garage.

It’s a good problem to have. Respect for that, Snoop.

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