Indulge Your Inner Hipster & Stream UK Stars Disclosure’s Debut Album ‘Settle’

It's a fairly common saying that the funny talking guys across the pond are always a couple of years ahead of us in terms of style and music; they did end being light years ahead of us (and totally right) about that whole EDM thing. To keep history from repeating itself, get ahead of the curve and start listening to Disclosure, the brotherly duo of Guy and Howard Lawrence, whose debut album Settle was released today. Full of tantalizing vocals swanky/danceable production, the brothers create a 14 track project of infectious pop hits featuring some of the biggest stars in UK. Their styles are a merger of what is called 'deep house' and 'garage' music which keeps the club/bass drum driven dance sound but with melodies and patterns that breaks away from the typical rage music Americans listen to in favor of a much more groovy vibe.  Stream the entire album below via Spotify and be sure to order your copy of the album here if you're a fan.