Stupid Troll Donald Trump Spent Today Taking Pissy Shots at Mac Miller

Back in March of 2011, Mac Miller released the third single of his career “Donald Trump.” It wasn't the best effort of his career, but it sold well, went gold, and arguably put him on the map.

The real Donald Trump seemed flattered by the attention. In August of that year, he released the below video, in which he said that the song “just hit over 20 million! 20 million people!” and that he “hadn't actually seen the language” but he was proud of Miller anyway. Neither of these statements made any sense—how does a song “hit 20 million people”? What does it mean to “see the language”?—but whatever. It seemed like Miller and his hit song's namesake were on good terms.

But then something changed. Trump, not satisfied with his billions, decided that Miller owed him royalties. And he spent today showing his ass on Facebook and Twitter to prove it. 

First he posted this on Facebook:

“Little @MacMiller sent me an expensive plaque for making his song “Donald Trump” such a big hit. Mac, you still don’t have the right to use my name.”

Then he moved to Twitter:




And then went back to Facebook:

“Little Mac Miller, I’m now going to teach you a big boy lesson about lawsuits and finance. You ungrateful dog!”

Miller, who might be tipsy at the moment, hasn't said anything about the potential lawsuit yet. We're actually trying to get in touch with him, and will update the post if we do.

But, Trumpster, here's the deal: I know that you've spent an extraordinary amount of time meeting with lawyers over the last two decades thanks to your various business bankruptcies, but your legal experience doesn't help you here. You're a public figure, and artists like Miller have the right to use your name for their creative benefit. It's not copyrighted.

So you have no right to any of Miller's royalties. You're not owed anything. You're just a fading loser—to borrow one of your favorite terms— who just won't go away. And to borrow Deadspin's phrase, Go fuck yourself.