SXSW Fan Injured by Drunk Driver Awesomely Gets Private Hospital Performance from Favorite Band

SXSW was somewhat marred by the events of Wednesday night when a drunk Rashad Owens, who was in Austin to play a rap show, attempted to evade a DWI checkpoint and barreled down a one-way street at high speeds, breaking through a barricade and plowing into a crowd of festival-goers. Two were killed, 23 were wounded, and Owens is currently in jail on capital murder charges. Hopefully for a long fucking time.

Anyway, some good came out of all the horribleness when 18-year-old Mason Endres—diagnosed from the hit-and-run with a concussion, cervical spine fracture, broken nose, and broken femur—was treated to a private concert by her favorite band in a St. David’s Medical Center room. The band was Jared & The Mill, and they were kind enough to play for Mason the songs she missed while in surgery. Nothing but uplifting stuff here:

[H/T: Guyism]