Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris ‘Feel So Close Right Now’ Probably Because They Are In Bed Together

That up there is country and pop music heartthrob Taylor Swift. Barely visible behind her head is electronic dance music hearthrob Calvin Harris.

In the ultimate music mashup, the two of them are apparently mashing their sexual organs together.

That joke went off seamlessly.

US Weekly has the exclusive on Swift’s latest romantic partner, who just happens to be her doppleganger. No really. Look at him, tall, blonde, and gangly.

It’s like Taylor Swift is fucking herself. Which, who can begrudge her? The only person who can’t fuck Taylor Swift, which we all want to do, is Taylor Swift. So good for her for getting the next best thing. Famous artist, career-oriented, highest paid in his genre of music, popular with the teens. Okay, this is starting to get a little disturbing.

But that’s apparently exactly why Tay likes him.

A pal close to Harris explains to Us that the pairing is beyond just physical looks. While the two share striking features (including height!), both artists are currently focused on their careers. It also helps that they share a mutual love for the business.

The romance began at an awards show, but heated up when Taylor Swift flew to Vegas to see him perform.

After two weeks of texting, Swift then flew to Las Vegas to watch him perform on March 7.

“That’s when it really started popping off,” the insider tells Us.

Then, like all good couples, they went to a Kenny Chesney concert. Because if anyone speaks the language of love, it’s Kenny Chesney. Imagine hearing that song and looking into your lover’s eyes.

Just last week, Swift, 25, and Harris, 31, were spotted taking a stroll hand-in-hand at the picturesque Radnor Lake State Park in her native Nashville, Tenn.

The following evening on Thursday, Mar. 26, Swift and Harris made a PDA-filled appearance Chesney’s concert, where she also performed. Concertgoer Sydnie Beeman tells Us that Harris was enjoying his time watching the world-famous pop star from afar — and cuddling up to her after she performed.

“He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her,” Beeman reveals to Us.

Feels so close. indeed.