The Only Video I’m Watching Today Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Set To 1980’s Jazzercise

by 5 years ago


It’s a little known fact that every song Taylor Swift has written in adulthood matches up PERFECTLY to 1980’s Jazzercise and aerobics videos. However, since I’m too lazy to prove this to you, this one video of T’s ‘Shake It Off’ syncing up seamlessly with an 80’s aerobics video will have to suffice.

We’re not weeks (months?) out from when this song was first released and although it’s still topping the charts it seems as if the song is somehow picking up steam still. Just last night we saw Kendrick Lamar’s freestyle over the track, two days ago we saw Taylor as a demon monster when the track was slowed down 500%…and now this glorious video:

The only thing that can stop Taylor’s domination of the charts right now is holiday music….and that’s like choosing between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.


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