This 16-Year-Old Girl Absolutely Shredding Iron Maiden On Her Guitar Gives Me Hope For The Future Of Music

The future of music can appear pretty bleak depending upon your perspective. If you’re someone who loves EDM festivals then music in this nation has never been better. If Pop Music like Lady Gaga and The Weeknd is your thing then you might think we’re living in the Golden Age of music right now (we’re not, we’re really really not).

However, if you’re like me and into jam bands, rock, reggae, and music that focuses heavily on instrumentals then the future of music looks pretty fucking miserable right now. The best bands in the world are aging rapidly, and while there’s a handful of rising stars out there nobody’s come along recently to grab the reins as the greatest band in (rock) music. I’m not saying this 16-year-old girl shredding ‘The Trooper’ by Iron Maiden on her guitar is the next big thing in music…but she just might be, right? Why not her? She’s got the skills, it seems like all she’s missing is the right band to rock out with. Just hit play and you’ll see what I mean:

Like I said, she might not be the future of music…But with skills like that who am I to say she’s not? I’m just enthused to know that there are young rockers out there who haven’t even had a chance to hit the mainstream yet.

[via Tina S YouTube]

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