Producer Thomas Jack Teamed Up With Celebrity Dog ‘Manny The Frenchie’ To Create A New EDM Powerhouse Group

Is it just me or has the world of electronic dance music become a little repetitive lately? Is anyone thinking outside the rainbow laser-filled box?

In an industry filled with all black outfits, womps and very little vowels, tropical house producer Thomas Jack and celebrity dog Manny the Frenchie are breaking all the conventional boundaries. Coming from very different backgrounds you can probably guess that they have to make some adjustments to work together, but you’ll see that their collaboration is something special. This short documentary shows an inside look into the process behind how they create their innovative sounds and techniques, all while wearing pretty sweet matching Hawaiian shirts.

When asked about the work they’ve produced together, Manny the Frenchie minced no words in describing the way in which tropical house and the world of philanthropist french bulldogs intertwine to create a unique sound, saying:

Bark bark bark, arf arf bow wow wow arf arf bark! Woof woof *high pitched squeal* bark? Wow bow, arf arf woof.

I think it is safe to say we can expect big things from this group, so keep your eye out to catch them at your nearest tropical beach or local dog park near you!

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