Tupac Is Coming to Broadway

The late rapper's mother, Afeni Shakur, along with Eric L. Gold, Chunsoo Shin and Jessica Green are producing the non-biographical musical. The anticipated 2013-14 Broadway arrival will depend on the availability of a Broadway theatre. 

Here's how it's billed: “An original story set in the present day on the inner-city streets of a Midwestern industrial city, the musical tells the story of two childhood friends and their extended families as they struggle to reconcile the challenges and realities of their daily lives with their hopes, dreams and ambitions.”


Anyway, this has been a weirdly active week for Tupac news. We're all still coming to terms with the item that he was almost Mace Windu. And it kind of shows that the man, who has now been dead for 18 years, is going to be around the collective public consciousness for much longer. Picture him rollin', indeed.

[H/T: Smoking Section]