Tupac’s Handwritten Lyrics To ‘Dear Mama’ Are Being Auctioned For A Pretty Penny

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You know you’re an absolute legend when after two decades since your death, your shit is being sold for more than most Americans make in a lifetime. This is evident in the the 21-year-old BMW that Tupac Shakur was shot in that was recently being auctioned for $1.5 million. Or the poetic handwritten letter Pac sent Death Row Records publicist Nina Bhadreshwar during a prison stint that sold for $172,725. The asking price was just $11,000.

With Pac’s biopic All Eyez on Me set to be released June 16, the auction block is hot with the legendary rapper’s memorabilia. The latest piece to go on sale are the three-pages of handwritten lyrics to Tupac’s classic ‘Dear Mama.’

Via TMZ,

The handwritten lyrics of the 1995 hit song are up for sale at MomentsInTime.com for $75,000. We’re told the sheets came from the studio where Tupac recorded the track — the site acquired them from a private collector in Poland.

The pages, which you can see HERE, feature a note at the very end about “motherfuckerz” who said he’d been “raped in jail” only being salty at how ‘Pac “succeeded in the rap game.”

The lyrics will likely fetch far more than the asking price. So if you’re rich enough to spend a six figures on three sheets of notebook paper, please, I beg you, go fuck yourself.

[h/t TMZ]

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