5 Reasons Why You Need To Go To Mysteryland USA

This Memorial Day Weekend, Mysteryland rolls into Bethel Woods, New York for what’s going to be one of the sickest EDM festival of the summer. Tickets for the rager are still available but going fast, so get on it, you guys. We’ve put together a list of reasons why it’s going to be FREAKIN’ EPIC….

1. It’s the first major modern music festival held at the same place as WoodstockyeahTHE Woodstock.

The same place that 400,000 young people participated in one of Rolling Stone’s 50 Moments That Changed the History of Rock and Roll and created a piece of American lore that will live on forever, attendees of Mysteryland’s inaugural US event will be able to continue the legacy of “3 Days of Peace & Music.” In its current state, the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts houses and amphitheater that accommodates 15,000 in place and the legendary stage setups that Mysteryland is known for will only serve to make this a seminal dance music event in US history.

2. Over 150+ artists and 7 different locations to jam out to them!.

In case anyone has their priorities out of line the reason we’re all going to Mysteryland is for the music and there is no shortage of variety from the Mysteryland USA lineup.  There is such an amazing array of artists performing that you will be able to walk around the festival and fall in love with an artist you’ve never heard of at any of 7 different areas set up within Mysteryland.  Whether it’s Big Gigantic playing their eargasmic sax-filled tunes from The Boat on Saturday, Kaskade from the Mainstage on Sunday, the Vinyl Only Sunday School area where you get to see DJing in it’s original form or the serene sounds of the Healing Garden, there’s no shortage of great music and artists to explore!

3. Thrown by the same organizers that throw Tomorrowland, Tomorrowworld, Sensation and Life In Color.

The proof is in the pudding as they say and if past recipes are any indication of how this festival is going to go, we’re going to see an event of monumental proportions.  The Tomorrowland 2012 video is a huge contributor as to why people were so fascinated by this new “EDM” thing a couple years ago and with Tomorrowworld being one of the first major successful 21+ events, we can only hope that we are in for something otherworldly.  The 21+ portion of this event will hopefully keep all those 18 year old “SEX DRUGS DUBSTEP” kids out of here and leave room for a bit more mature crowd that will be there to jam out to some great music!

4. Sunday School festival is a festival inside of a festival and the perfect way to introduce yourselves into new music and get away from the Mainstage.

At festivals of this nature, it’s unbelievably easy to get locked in at the Mainstage.  They’re big, crowded, filled with the “best” DJs (supposedly) and an easy meeting spot for a lot of people.  That said, one of the best favors that anyone could do for themselves is take a walk away from the Mainstage and go explore a stage with an artist and style of music they’ve never heard.  Mysteryland has teamed up with the popular Sunday School party for a 3 stage “mini-festival” inside of a festival filled with a cross-section of today and tomorrow’s techno stars.  For those that are unfamiliar, techno style music as a form of dance music that is built on long drawn out grooves and loops with a more minimal or dark vibe than the drop-oriented offerings of more contemporary dance music.  Do yourself a favor and go do some sonic exploring this Mysteryland; your ears will thank you for it.

5. They have dedicated phone charging lockers so you won’t unexpectedly fall off the grid.  

The situation isn’t a new one: You’re looking to meet up with your buddies primetime on Saturday, but you gotta run back to the tent real quick to replenish the Camelback. Refreshed with supplies, you turn to go back to the sea of humans at the main stage to reunite with the crew when you finally look at your phone for the first time in what feels like hours to discover that it’s dead.  In plenty of other places you’re shit out luck; thanks to the festival organizers at Mysteryland, there will be charging points located throughout the campgrounds and the festival site.  They even offer lockers that are complete with its own mobile phone charging point in it.  Ipso facto you’re not losing your buddies or your new rave wife any time at Mysteryland so you can focus on jamming to the music!

Ready to do this? Buy tickets to MysteryLand here…